Frequently asked questions

What's in the box?

Our Monthly Mystery Box will change every month and the contents are always a surprise, but to to give you an idea of what you might get, here's a list of what to expect. Contents may include*:

  • 1 - 2 cloth nappies**
  • 1 full size product (either cloth nappy accessory, eco-friendly product or other product for mum or bub)
  • 2 - 3 sample size products
  • Exclusive discounts or offers for that month's featured brands
  • Exclusive Fluff Mail tips, tricks and ideas for families wanting to make sustainable lifestyle changes
  • An information kit explaining how to use each product and the contact info for each featured brand
*This list is a guide and is subject to change. Box contents are subject to pricing and availability. **Cloth nappy may include modern cloth nappies (MCNs), WAHMs, prefolds with covers, fitted nappies, swim nappies or any other nappy we deem appropriate. Our Twin Upgrade Box will include everything in the regular Monthly Mystery Box, plus an additional nappy. Our Budget Babes Box is a monthly mystery box, containing a single cloth nappy, plus an extra little bonus surprise. Bonus may include a small/sample product, voucher or special offer.

What brand nappies will I get?

Whilst we can't reveal each month's contents, what we can tell you is that we only stock the best Australian and New Zealand labels - from the big named brands to the smaller handmade businesses. Some of our suppliers include Baby Beehinds, Seedling Baby, Econaps, Bambooty, My Little Gumnut, Alcmena and many more! What we can promise is that we have tried and loved every single product that is in our boxes and that they are of the highest quality. Follow us on Instagram to get sneak peeks and clues for each month's boxes.

How long is the subscription for?

Your subscription can go for as long as you want it to - cancel anytime!

How do I cancel my subscription?

Cancelling a subscription plan is easy, just follow these instructions:

  • Simply log into your customer portal by selecting Subscription Boxes > My Subscription Account from our website menu.
  • Once logged in, select Subscriptions from the menu options.
  • Find the subscription plan you wish to cancel
  • Click 'cancel' and you are all done!
Did you know that you can skip a month of your subscription, instead of cancelling it altogether? Instructions on how to do this are under the question 'Can I skip a month?' Important note: you must cancel before the automatic payment goes through on the 1st of each month in order to not be charged for the following month's box. We cannot cancel subscriptions on or after this date.

What size nappies are included?

All of our Mystery Box nappies are one-size-fits-most (OSFM) with adjustable sizing for babies from birth to potty training. If you are pregnant or have a newborn, you might like to purchase our Newborn Box (Launching in early 2020) before committing to the monthly subscription. That way you get to trial some teeny tiny nappies, better suited to teeny tiny butts and see which brands and styles you prefer.

Can I customize my box?

Yes, kind of. Whilst our monthly boxes aren't 'gendered' and we feel can be given to a little boy or girl, we do ask you to nominate your colour preferences when you sign up in case there is a month with different colour options. Both of our our one-off boxes allow you to nominate colour preferences which are:

  • Earthy tones
  • Monotone (black & white)
  • Pinks and purples
  • Blues and greens
  • Oranges and yellows
  • Rainbow/surprise me!

What if I don't like the nappy colour/design/brand/fit?

Whilst we do our very best to provide you with the best cloth nappies in beautiful designs, we understand that not everybody has the same tastes! The awesome thing about cloth nappies is that they hold their value, even when secondhand and there is a HUGE buy/swap/sell community out there. If you really aren't a fan of one of your nappies you can easily sell or swap it on one of the Facebook MCN BSS groups.

Can I skip a month?

Yes! If you have a month coming up that you can't pay your subscription fee, you can skip that month so long as you do so before the auomatic payment goes through on the 1st of the month. Skipping a payment is easy, just follow these instructions:

  • Simply log into your customer portal by selecting Subscription Boxes > My Subscription Account from our website menu.
  • Once logged in, select Subscriptions from the menu options.
  • Find the subscription plan you wish to skip a month of and select 'Skip a month?'
  • Done!

How much is the subscription box?

The main Monthly Mystery Box is $75 AUD a month (excl. shipping) There is also a Twin Upgrade Box for those customers with multiple kids (no, they don't have to be twins!) wanting a second nappy each month which is $100 AUD a month (excl. shipping) The Monthly Budget Babes Box is $45 AUD a month (excl. shipping) Please note this box is currently only available to Australian customers. Note: most months the second nappy in the twin upgrade will simply be a duplicate of the same nappy.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship to New Zealand and the United States.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping rates* are as follows:

  • Domestic (Australia) $9.00 AUD
  • New Zealand $24.95 AUD
  • United States $38.25 AUD
*Shipping costs subject to change.

When will I be charged my monthly subscription fee?

After your initial sign up for your first box, where you get charged immediately, we will then charge you on the first of the month for every box after that. (Eg you will be charged on February 1st for the February box, March 1st for the March box etc) However, because you preorder in the month before you get you first box, you will not be charged on the 1st of that initial month. Confused? Read our example below... Example:

  • Laura signs up on March 20th and pays straight away for her first box (which is the April box)
  • When April the 1st comes, she does not get charged, because she has already paid for her April box.
  • Laura's first box arrives in late April.
  • On May 1st, Laura is automatically charged for her May box.
  • Laura's second box arrives later in late May.
  • From here on Laura is charged on the 1st of the month, every month.
  • Laura lives happily every after, knowing that her Fluff Mail will arrive every month!

When can I order my first box?

We will be open and taking orders for the January box from 8pm on December 15th, 2019 till 8pm January 1st, 2020. Any orders placed after these times will receive the February box.

When will I receive my box?

We dispatch the boxes in the last two weeks of the month. So if you ordered within the correct timeframe to get the January box, then we will dispatch that box in between January 20th to 31st.

What is a BONUS month?

There are four BONUS months every year! In that month's box, instead of the usual single nappy and eco-friendly goodies, you will receive at least two nappies, plus some cloth nappy accessories!** Take a look below for some BONUS month box examples. **This is a guide only. Box contents will vary depending on pricing and availability. Please note: subscribers to the Twin Upgrade box will get one duplicate nappy, on top of these nappies in a BONUS month.

How do I know which box I am getting when I sign up?

All of our boxes are pre-ordered, which means, most of the time you are paying for the box for the following month. The cut off time for a month's box is 8pm (EST) on the 1st of the month. Any payments received after that will go towards the following month's box. Confused? See the table below...

Do I have to be a subscription box customer to shop at Fluff Mail?

No! Subscription boxes are just one of the awesome things we have to offer. You can purchase individual cloth nappies and accessories from our online store here.