How to live more sustainably

Guest blogger, Blair Kalivati, shares her insights on simple but impactful ways to reduce waste, shop smart and create a more eco-friendly way of life.


What is sustainability?

It's such a big trendy word at the moment that sometimes its meaning can get lost.

Sustainability, to be put quite simply, is just about creating harmony, respect and connection with the natural world around us.

Yes, Human beings need resources from the natural world to survive but it is important to do this in a conscious and respectful way as to not cause damage, loss and deterioration.

And I get it, this can sound overwhelming, complex and you're already juggling so much but there are quick, easy and cost efficient things that you can do at home today that will make a massive impact and encourage and enhance your connection with the natural world.

Now, before you give your wallet a workout in search for eco friendly items to add to your home let me tell you about an incredible thing called up-cycling. Now up-cycling basically means turning your rubbish into magic.

Sustainability, to be put quite simply, is just about creating harmony, respect and connection with the natural world around us.

The magic of up-cycling

In our home a glass jar is up-cycled into a place to store food in (pantry, fridge and freezer), a place to keep your odds and ends and a drinking glass; just to name a few. Old t-shirts are up-cycled (with the help of some trusty scissors) into reusable non paper towel and are used for cooking and cleaning. Old tea towels, towels and face washers are up-cycled into makeup remover wipes, baby wipes and more heavy duty cleaning cloths that you can use to wash the dishes, stove top or kitchen bench.

In Australia alone it is estimated that $3,800 worth of your groceries end up in landfill each year. That means that five million tonnes of food ends up as landfill annually; this is not only having a negative affect on your bank account but it is also responsible for toxins, leachate and greenhouse gases.

In Australia alone it is estimated that $3,800 worth of your groceries end up in landfill each year.

Shop smart

There are an abundance of things you can do with your food waste before it becomes, well, waste but before I touch on that I wanted to touch on how organisation can minimise your food waste.

So here are some tips and tricks on how I approach my grocery shopping to lower my food waste and save money.

Savvy Shopper Guide

1. Decide how many days you're grocery shopping for

Going to the supermarket less often will insure you're not impulse buying

2. Shop your fridge freezer and pantry first

Try and make meals out of what you've already got

3. Make your shopping list

If you're planning on buying a specific item for one dish, see if you can incorporate it into another

4. Grocery Shopping

Supermarkets are designed to make you purchase more than you need so simply stick to your list and you've got this!

5. Storage

Once you've returned from the supermarket ensure that you're storing perishables properly. I keep things like celery and kale in an up-cycled glass jar with water at the bottom to keep them crisp and I also like to put a kitchen rag in the fridge at the bottom of my crisper to reduce moisture and help my fruits and vegetables last longer.

Waste not, want not

Now that you're rocking sustainability in your home what are some of the things you can

make with your food waste? In our home we turn eggshells into fertiliser, apple skins and cores into apple cider vinegar and conditioner for our hair, citrus peels and herbs into rinse aid for our dishwasher and fabric softener for our washing machine, vegetable scraps get turned into stock, and bones and vegetable scraps make bone broth, left over vanilla pods get turned into vanilla essence just to name a few.

The possibilities are honestly endless when it comes to sustainability.

Embrace the journey

Now that i've hopefully inspired you to strengthen and grow your sustainability journey I wanted to touch on a few things.

🌸Keep your eyes on your own work

The only reason you should look to others is for inspiration not comparison. Everyone's journey looks completely different.

🌱Be kind to yourself You're not going to transform into Captain Planet overnight and that's absolutely okay. I suggest making small changes rather than large ones.

💪🏽You've got this!


About the Author

Blair Kalivati is a married mum of three. She is a holistic coach that has an abundance of offerings from private coaching, various workshops (including a sustainability workshop), recipe subscription services and more.

Visit Blair's website here

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