Please note that the sizing of the smocks is generous.

Small: 9 - 18 months

Medium: 18 months - 4 years


In-built Velcro and Snaps neck closure, so you can choose which one works for you and your bub

  • Snaps – for when bub learns to pull their smock off
  • Velcro – for when bub is in-between snap sizes


Gentle elastics around the neck and wrists to close off these danger zones and minimise food / paint ruining the clothes underneath.


Snap-out pocket so you can really wash out the grime at the bottom of the pocket, helping you to keep it clean and hygienic even after the messiest of meals.


Full coverage so bub’s clothing is protected even at the back.

  • We have also made the smocks longer than the standard to give as much protection as possible.


Generous sizing – It wouldn’t be an Alcmena product if we didn’t give you MORE than what you expect.

  • Each size range is a conservative estimate, meaning your child will be able to use the same size long after they have exceeded the general age range.
  • However, it also means we recommend sizing down (or rolling up the sleeves for little ones).

Alcmena Smock (Chamberpot of Secrets)


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